Formentera - Balearic Islands

'Stone figures on beach shore of Illetes beach in Formentera Mediterranean Balearic Islands' - Balearic Islands
'Stone figures on beach shore of Illetes beach in Formentera Mediterranean Balearic Islands' holbox / Shutterstock

Formentera is the smallest island of the Balearics, the most natural and where you can find the largest number of virgin spots. It has a length of 18 kilometers and is the residence place of 6,000 inhabitants. Is the only island in the Balearics where you can maybe find the peasants still wearing the traditional dress of the Balearics. Formentera is doing well combining the preservation of the environment and the tourism, offering a more rural and relaxed holidays.


Formentera has more than 20 kilometers of coastline where there are a great number of fine sand beaches with transparent and turquoise water. Ses Illetes beach is located on the West Coast and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Balearic Islands. The clear transparent and turquoise water is combined with clean and fine sand together with protected vegetation.

Local Sites

One of the touristic attractions of Formentera is the 'Estany Pudent' which in English stands for the 'bad smell pond'. It has an extension of 3 square kilometers of salted water. It is called like that due to the bad smell originated in summer because of the degradation of seaweeds.


Formentera is not only a place where to relax and enjoy the nice virgin beaches, but it also offers a wide range of activities for all the family, and posibilities of practicing a water sport in the best atmosphere. Among these water sports, diving might be the best sport to practice as Formentera offers transparent waters and the temperature of the sea is always moderate. You can also practice sailing and windsurf all through the year.

Local celebrations

The main reason of the street parties taking place in Formentera are the patron saints of the different towns of the island. We can mention here the Sant Jaume celebration, taking place on the 25th of July, and the Santa Carme celebration, patron saint of the sea.

Traveling info

You can only get to Formentera taking a boat from Ibiza. The port where the boats from Ibiza arrive is La Savina port. This inaccessibility makes Formentera a less massive touristic island. To travel through the island, it is commonly used the motorcycle and the bike, as Formentera has several paths that are not accessible by car.

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